Make me into the right kind of machinery

Open pipeI started in a rotting forest. The meat of the trees fall open and reveal the life inside.

The swampThe ground is covered in creeping mushrooms. They don’t have brains, still they always find their way to the best food-places.

Ocean armI fell into the sea where the water supports spindly buildings with little round windows.

Reef cakeIn the sea you don’t need to care about gravity. You can grow in bulky masses, caring only that the sunlight can reach your skin.

Red rootsMy pores turns into gateways for living creatures. They swim out, and I am poured into the ocean, dissolved in little living fragments.

Falling baitI guard my mind. As if the thoughts in it would start to grow uncontrollably if not watched properly. Causing harm somehow.

Gecco dreamsThere is something brutal in the ever growing, that we try to control. We want it to play by our rules, but it doesn’t care.

Tree lineThere is something brutal in trying to control the growing. There is already a system in place. It doesn’t need us. It can sort itself out.

Bakery mouldI had a dream where I was in a bakery. Everything that looked like mould was made of chocolate. There was a long queue of people lining the street outside.

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Tango de Jarl

The second wedding of the summer. My around-the-world-companions (also parents of my godson) got married! (In extremely sharp sunlight…)

Familjen-snart-JarlThe family soon-to-be-Jarl

Looking for something

Getting married Getting married

Newly wedsNewlyweds

The same eyes

Under the tree

On the bridge

Before dinner

Wedding tangoWedding tango

Tango legs

Champagne towerChampagne-tower like in the 1920th.


The kiss

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Tea time

Green tea 1

When the thought ”I could just as well recognize this place without ever having been here” occurred to me I decided it’s better to be crazy than to be nothing at all.

Green tea 2

Yesterday I recognized everyone. All the costumers, all the people on the subway, all the stories told like Sherlock Holmes.

Green tea 3

I’ve seen them all before.

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Red lanterns

The first wedding of the summer. My flat-mates got married, I got the honour of being the best man.

Sunlight and shadowBetween sunlight and shadow

Finding the wayGetting lost is finding the way.

KissHusband and wife.


GuestsGuests dancing.

TakeoffTakeoff. The evening ended on the beach.

Waiting for heatWaiting to fly.




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Photographs from Tenerife, January 2013.

Montaña Amarilla
Montaña Amarilla

The top of Montaña AmarillaThe top of the Yellow Mountain

Vally by the sea
Behind Montaña Amarilla

Where the crabs live
Where the crabs live

The road to Moon
The trail to Paisaje Lunar

The most recent eruption
The most recent eruption (Chinyero 1909)

Tip of an eruption
Close to Chinyero

Through to Teide
View of Teide from Chinyero

From one eruption to another
From one eruption to another

Desert by the sea
Desert by the sea

Cañadas del Teide
Cañadas del Teide, Parque Nacional del Teide

Down to Mars
Looking down to Llano de Ucanca, Parque Nacional del Teide

Take off
Llano de Ucanca, Parque Nacional del Teide

Teide National Park
On the way to the ridge, Parque Nacional del Teide

The road to TeideThe way to Teide, Parque Nacional del Teide

Over the edge
Down on the sea from the caldera-ridge

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Jorden Runt, del 3


Genom dörren, Saltillo, Mexiko, februari 2011



Daniel, Saltillo, Mexiko, februari 2011


Den röda öknen

Den Röda Öknen, Quebrada de Cafayate, Argentina, december 2010



Fuji med lyktstolpe, Shinfuji, Japan, november 2010



Tåg, Sibirien, Ryssland, september 2010



Kranar, Shanghais hamn, Kina, november 2010



Vägen till Cafayate, Argentina, december 2010


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Jorden Runt, del 2

Apa i dimma

Snömakak i dimma, Nagano, Japan, november 2010

New York 1

New York är en så vacker sjukdom 1, från Brooklyn bridge, USA, mars 2011

New York 2

New York är en så vacker sjukdom 2, från Brooklyn bridge, USA, mars 2011

New York 3

New York är en så vacker sjukdom 3, Från Brooklyn bridge, USA, mars 2011

30 timmar

30 timmar hardseat, mellan Beijing och Chengdu, Kina, september 2010


Våningssäng, New York, USA, mars 2011


Bergskam, Nikko, Japan, november 2010


Sittbadkar, Nagano, Japan, november 2010


Ödsligt centrum, Houston, USA, mars 2011


Fabrik, hamnen i Shanghai, november 2010

På balkongen

På balkongen, Tokyo, Japan, november 2010

Tar ett dopp

Snömakak tar ett dopp, Nagano, Japan, november 2010

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